Adventists Embrace “Eucharistic Hospitality” on Their Journey Toward Christian Unity

Fatal heresies are attempting to undermine the foundations of our faith. A false and misguided unity is bringing all the churches together and they are exalting Romanism (the Holy Eucharist) and ecumenism above the word of God. There is an endeavor underway in the ecumenical movement to eliminate the practice of closed communion. The “Eucharistic Hospitality” is the fruit of 60 years of ecumenism. It is a modern ecumenical ceremony in which the Roman Catholic Church, which does not normally offer participation in Holy Mass to non-Catholics, makes a special exception during interfaith worship services. It is an invitation to allow the non-baptized to participate in the Catholic Holy Eucharist or the Protestant Holy Communion.

On Wednesday, April 28, 2021, several churches attended an interfaith conference on the theme of “Eucharistic Hospitality.” Enrico Benedetto, pastor and theologian represented the Waldensian Church; Hanz Gutiérrez, theologian, physician, and a frequent contributor to Spectrum Magazine, represented the Seventh-day Adventist Church; Giovanni La Rosa, a priest from Randazzo, Sicily, represented the Anglican Church; Carmine Napolitano, president of the Federation of Pentecostal Churches represented the Pentecostal Church; and Silvano Nicoletto, a priest who runs a monastery in Sezano, Italy, represented the Roman Catholic Church.

Seventh-day Adventists in Italy have been participating in an effort to bring Eucharistic unity between Catholics and Protestants. “Eucharistic Hospitality” is a push for unity so that Catholics and Protestants can eat the same bread and drink the same wine as “one” at the Eucharistic table. This is theologically blasphemous. It completely disregards clear biblical teachings and undermines the long-standing practice of the Apostolic Church, the Protestant Reformation and Seventh-day Adventism. It makes baptism unnecessary, it degrades the role of discipleship and nullifies the prophetic warnings about the beast, the little horn and the antichrist.

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