Barefoot Is Legal Helps Fight Against Xinjiang Labor Camps

Barefoot Is Legal founder David Kelman has announced that the 501c3 non-profit will raise awareness of the labor camps in China.

During the weekend of April 9-11,2021, Mr. Kelman will raise awareness of these labor camps by encouraging everyone to boycott shoes for the three days and go barefoot. This is in response to the worldwide outrage and protests regarding the human rights issues. A hashtag was created, #NoFootPrisons, for concerned citizens to share.
“These are crimes against humanity. People are being rounded up & placed in concentration camps for forced labor. They are prisoners based on their religious beliefs. Hundreds of major corporations worldwide are using this labor as a way to make products cheaper. Biden even endorsed this after he was inaugurated. We need to stand with our fellow humans and shame the companies profiting.”

Companies such as Nike, Adidas, H&M, Tommy Hilfiger, among others, have been shunned worldwide recently as major users of this labor based in the Xinjiang region. Millions of people holding religious beliefs as Uyghurs, Christians, Buddhists, & others have been detained.

Kelman has proposed the three day period to show symbolism of not wearing shoes to show support for removing forced labor. ”If you are barefoot, it is showing you do not need their products. You can function in a world and buy things without footwear from forced labor camps.” he shares .

There are no laws in the United States or Canada involving driving a car, going to a store, or eating while barefoot.

NOTE: NIKE has an undated letter stating their Code Of Conduct prohibiting this labor. However, it is unverified at this time. There are links related to statements from 2020. While Nike cites they do not directly source cotton, it is claimed that traceability of raw materials in an area of ongoing focus. It does not appear to be written recently. None of the other alleged companies statements in regards to this matter have been located.

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