Choosing Mattresses: How to Sleep With Shoulder Pain?

Did you know that a good night’s sleep is important in relaxing your body and preparing you for the next day’s activities? Quality sleep actually makes you healthier, stronger, and more productive. However, any sort of discomfort is enough to affect the quality of your sleep.

Discomfort and pain in the shoulder can keep you up at night, tossing and turning for hours on end. The shoulder is the most active part of the body with the most advanced motion. And this is what makes it prone to strains, aches, and tenderness. Thus, you can take some time and visit this link to check out the best mattress brands in the biz.

Have you ever wondered why you hardly feel any shoulder pain or discomfort as you go about your daily activities but as soon as you lie down it’s a nightmare? Well, the reason is while handling several activities during the day, your mind is too occupied with multitasking to focus on any pain.
When you lie down to rest, your mind isn’t destructed hence more aware of your body’s slightest indications of discomfort. This coupled with the fact that being in a reclined position adjusts the gravitational pull on your body resulting in aches and pain. In order to have a restful night free of pain, you should support your body in the right way.

Consider the following when choosing a mattress:

Support Core and Comfort System
While mattresses will not all have the same features, it is important to check among the best mattress brands for a hybrid mattress. Hybrid mattresses have a coil-based system for maximum body support and comfort. These mattresses have more than one layer of polyfoam, cotton, latex, memory foam, or any other fabric that gives maximum comfort.

In addition, hybrid mattresses’ comfort systems can give you great pressure relief. Wondering how this happens? Hybrid mattresses offer just enough stability and bounce in response to a motion in addition to regulating the temperature within their innerspring. Most of the best mattress brands deliver these features by combining several materials to come out with balanced yet effective pain relief features.


If you are operating on a lower budget, then you should consider innerspring mattresses. As much as they may not stand out among the best mattress brands, the coil-based system provides support through compression. You may not get maximum pain relief from an innerspring mattress alone, but you can combine it with other materials to improve its performance. For example, you can get a mattress topper made of latex or foam to create your own comfort system. You may actually find that this economic approach will help in managing your shoulder pain while sleeping. All you have to do is improvise a bit here and there.

Bounce and Firmness

If you are looking for bounce and firmness, then latex is your kind of material. There are mattresses that have interior components entirely made of latex. Latex gives your shoulders the necessary cushioning to avoid uncomfortable sinking due to weight. The latex is layered within the structure in different forms and types to produce a comfort system with a proper support core.

You should however be careful when buying a mattress because there are manufacturers who make low-cost synthetic versions of latex mattresses. These are often not as effective as the ones made of natural latex. To be on the safe side, check among the best mattress brands for authentic natural latex brands.

Adjustability from the Best Mattress Brands

If you have dealt with shoulder pain for a while, you could have probably realized that your firmness needs for mattresses keep changing. This is mostly driven by the intensity of the pain you are experiencing each time. If this is the case, even the best mattress brands like hybrid mattresses may not be ideal for you. You need an air mattress. With just a smartphone or remote controller, you can adjust the mattress to give it varying feels for comfort and relief.

Air mattresses have air chambers designed with a support core that can relieve pain when adjusted. With each modification by remote inflation, you get varying firmness. That’s an extra comfort system from latex or foam.