Commercial Aircrafts Windows And Windshields Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report By Application, By Type, Regional Outlook, Competitive Strategies, And Segment Forecasts, 2019 To 2025

The global commercial aircraft windows and windshields market is expected to witness significant growth over the forecast period. Windows and windshields in commercial aircraft are primarily installed for viewing and safety of traveller from external environment purposes. The size of windows varies according to the type of aircraft which requires specific designs for each aircraft. Technological advancement is observed in the market as safety and reliability are chief concerns in manufacturing these products.  Manufacturers of commercial aircraft have observed an increase in the number of orders commercial aircrafts offering growth opportunities to the market.

Globally, there is an increase in the demand for air travel which has forced the companies to increase their fleet size. Commercial aircrafts manufacturers are forced to improve the design and make it more efficient and economical which has led to development of lighter windows and windshields. Increases in global air traffic, comfort of passenger, luxury, enhancing the passenger experience, and safety concern are main drivers.

Due to safety concerns the size of the window cannot be reduced beyond a certain size. Fitting new windows in old aircraft are a challenge. New and lighter designs to reduce the overall weight of aircraft and fuel consumption are expected to open new growth opportunities for the industry players. Increasing competition in passenger airlines is expected to drive demand for low-cost aircraft carrier. Low-cost product is expected to lower the overall cost of the aeroplane. Windows and windshields design play an important role in safety and light design of the aircraft.

The commercial aircrafts windows and windshields market is segmented on the basics of aircraft type wide-body aircrafts market, regional transportation aircrafts market, very large aircrafts market, narrow-body aircrafts market. Very large aircraft are used for long-distance travel therefore they need smarter windows for safety and better customer experience. On the basis of product, it is segmented as cabin window and windshields. Further, they are segmented on the basics of fitting- line fitting and refurbishing.

Geographically market is segmented into five regions which consist of North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific, and Middle East Africa. North America is the largest market for commercial aircraft windows and windshields industry due to high demand for air travel followed by Europe. However due to technological advancement and high penetration rate North America is showcasing moderate growth. The European countries are facing a slowdown, disposal income is less hence the market growth expected to have slow growth. In recent years, the economy of European countries is on the lower side hindering the growth of commercial aircrafts windows and windshields market. Asia Pacific is the fastest-growing market where countries like India, China, and Japan have experienced an increase in air travel demand.

Key players in commercial aircrafts windows and windshields industry are Gentex Corporation, Lee Aerospace, GKN Aerospace, PPG Industries, AIP Aerospace, Kopp Glass Inc., Triumph Group, AJW Aviation, TBM Glass, Nordam Group, and Saint-Gobain Sully.

In December 2007, Gentex Corporation has developed electronically dimmable passenger cabin window shades for Boeing787 Dreamliner to improve customer experience. This technology uses an electrochromic mechanism which controls the amount of light passes through cabin using electricity. This allows passengers to control the amount of light transmitted through the window.

In June 2015, GNK aerospace in association with Fokker Technologies introduced a new type of flight glass called Skyview Window. This glass was launched for business class jet which is large in size, sleek, better clarity, and enhances viewing experience.

Triumph Group, Inc. entered into an agreement with Vought Aircraft Industries to provide a wide range of aerospace products, including, machine metal parts and fittings, ducting, hydraulic tubing, window assemblies’ insulation and other section components in support of Vought’s workshare on the Boeing 787 aircraft.

Saint-Gobain Sully, manufacturer of door windows and cabin has entered in agreement with Airbus for the development of superior cockpit, cabin, and door windows. The prime objective of Saint- Gobain sully is to deliver superior quality of- services along with reducing cost of ownership.