Mango Animate Introduces a Tool to Convert Text to GIF

Mango Animate’s advanced text video maker creates text GIF easily and this software also offers unprecedented pricing & user-friendliness.

GIFs are now part and parcel of communication on the internet and social media platforms. With more and more platforms becoming compatible with GIF sharing, people of all age groups have started using them in their everyday online conversations and interactions. Due to their appealing nature and the capability to communicate the message in a convenient and attractive way, they are being incorporated into blogs, websites, and online ads, and landing pages.

In order to drive traffic and make a significant impact on the targeted audience seems a time-consuming task with simple text, but statistics reveal that with GIFs, the results are better than ever. Mango Animate Text Video Maker is an intuitive tool that allows users to not only convert text to GIF( but also make it more captivating through a diverse range of embedded features and assets. The software offers a bunch of built-in materials, such as background pictures, animation effects, and more to convert text to GIF that makes a difference.

When talking about how this software is different and helpful, Winston Zhang, the CEO of Mango Animate says, “Do you want your social media posts to pop, your blogs to get record hits, and marketing material to work best? You need this software that helps convert text to GIF. This software helps turn boring old text into eye-catching animated GIFs, perfect for any sort of use. It’s simple enough that anyone can use it. There are even built-in features, so users save their projects like videos and GIFs. And now is a great time: with everything moving towards visual content like never before, why not take advantage of this trend by using one of these tools right away!”

To convert text to GIF, the software has a simple four-step method. Download, add text, customize and export. Users can either type the text or import a text file to the project and, from a range of included text, fonts, placement options, and color, modify it according to one’s unique preference. To bring the text to life, this software offers different animation effects, icons, and options to add pictures and videos to the background to make the GIF more compelling.

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About Mango Animate
Mango Animate is one of the most recognized providers of animation software. They offer various animation software that creates fantastic explainer videos, kinetic typography videos, character videos, whiteboard videos, text GIFs, and more.