NEW LAUNCHING: SugarCRM Google Calendar Integration (Lite)

Yesterday, 16th June 2021, we launched a scintillating product called SugarCRM Google Calendar Integration (Lite) version for all the businesses. The reason behind launching this extension is the integration of every incoming Event, meeting between you and your clients on both platforms. The events or calls you marked on Google calendar will now be visible in SugarCRM software as well. No chance to miss it! This Evergreen product offers Lifetime updates and for businesses of all sizes. Avail of all its benefits for just $399.00.

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Trust me! If you want to create important meetings and events in the Google Calendar and want them to show in SugarCRM software then purchase this secure extension from us. This vital add-on will integrate entire meetings, tasks, and calls in both these platforms. This saves your precious time. How? Everything will be done in real-time on both platforms. No need to follow the mundane task like entering information on both platforms simultaneously. SugarCRM Google Calendar Integration (Lite) will allow you to integrate calls and tasks by using Identifiers. For instance: Call-Steve. Put your eyeballs below there is more for you-
It is much easier for the user to sync the coming 60 days future meetings. If the feature is interesting and uncommon then buy the product today. Wait; we have more to uncover for you- this extension can set the Time zone for meeting purposes for all who deal with International clients. Let this product handle this to remove your stress. Suppose your attendees are available in SugarCRM Modules. Just add them by searching the name of that person. And if he/she is not in Sugar then search via email address. While syncing all the calendars, it is easier for the user to assign the calendar to an authorized person according to you.

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