Rhodesia annexing islands to keep its people safe in case of a worldwide instability. Called “Operation Zion” for Rhodesians. Born and naturalized ones.

As the leader of a people who had already been betrayed and deprived of their land once, then-President Scott had places of refuge (Zions) explored in 1981, shortly after the successful annexation of West Bouvet. The sites (described on www.government-of-rhodesia.org) were carefully selected by the Rhodesian Intelligence Service (RIS), and development plans were drawn up for use in emergencies. These are still kept up to date today. In the event of a major global conflict, only Rhodesian nationals have the option to relocate to one of these Rhodesian territories with the assistance of the RIS. In peacetime, all Rhodesian Zion territories are under the command of the General of Squadron 7 of the RIS. Two of the Rhodesian Zions have already been annexed by Rhodesia, one is about to be annexed. For it was and is true: Rhodesians do not ask for permission, but do what is right.

Anyone can become a Rhodesian citizen who was a Rhodesian with voting rights before 1979, as well as any foreigner with good intentions and a plausible reason. Application can be made free or charge.

As a non-UN member, the Republic of Rhodesia is comfortable with annexing uninhabited territories because it is not dependent on the goodwill of the international community. Founded in 1980, the second Rhodesian Republic has instead always entirely relied on its Rhodesian Intelligence Service (RIS), a hybrid of an intelligence service and an intervention force. The RIS provides security for Rhodesians worldwide and safeguards the state and its interests. Rhodesia prides itself on being a safe and stable haven in a troubled world as a transglobal nation of 1.2 million citizens.

Read about the astonishing history of Rhodesia and what happened since 1980 in the shadows at www.government-of-rhodesia.org


The Rhodesian Citizenship Law allows every person with good intentions to apply for citizenship free of any cost.

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