Sage BusinessWorks and QuickBooks: What Makes QuickBooks The “Golden” Software in Today’s Accounting World

Brandon, MB––October 2, 2021: Sage BusinessWorks is an accounting solution that accommodates the needs of growing businesses. Geared more towards small and midsize businesses, the software provides a more robust accounting package than what’s available through off-the-shelf solutions.

Sage BusinessWorks combines robust features and high-level performance through 11 fully integrated modules and multi-user networking capabilities supporting up to 48 concurrent users. Users have complained, however, that as more data is generated and inventories increased, Sage BusinessWorks tends to slow down with time. It has been reported that transactions take longer to execute, and reports are not generated as quick as they initially would. It has also been stated that there is often a requirement to enter data manually in multiple systems with Sage BusinessWorks leading to errors due to duplication that are often difficult to correct. Sage BusinessWorks has also been reportedly known to not integrate well with other software.

QuickBooks, on the other hand, has easy-to-use software that is customer oriented, with many affordable plans to choose from. QuickBooks looks after mundane, monotonous and ongoing bookkeeping tasks without much manual intervention and can quickly generate reports that provide the information needed at the time that it’s needed. QuickBooks helps put together projected balance sheets, profit and loss statements, and cash flow reports and takes pride in its ability to easily integrate with other programs, as well as with Microsoft Excel to import data from other software into. Filing taxes has never been easier. Users save a considerable amount of time and effort at tax time with QuickBooks. The software enabling businesses to generate accurate end-of-year reports on business income, profit and loss, payables and more.

QuickBooks Repair Pro offers an industry-standard migration service to convert Sage BusinessWorks data to QuickBooks. This process is fully audited and ensures the migration of all financials to match the source BusinessWorks data file in its entirety.