Tchmart Released Hosome S107 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, Let You Have a Clean Home

TCHmart, a new Chinese brand of smart home appliances and smart health equipment, released the Hosome S107 cordless vacuum cleaner globally, which aims to help families clean their rooms quickly.

“Continuously advancing technology has increased people’s demand for a better quality of life. TCHmart provides practical household appliances and smart gadgets to help customers build smarter and more pleasant homes. Hosome S107 cordless vacuum cleaner is one of the smart devices.” TCHmart Overseas Said Fang Alan, director of marketing.

Hosome S107 cordless suction device, equipped with a brushless digital motor, has long-lasting suction power, strong dust collection ability, low noise, and low concentration. There are 2 suction modes to choose from: 90Pa suction is convenient for daily cleaning, 1500Pa suction is convenient for cleaning.

The bagless vacuum cleaner weighs only 1.38KG, and you can easily change it from a stick vacuum cleaner to a vacuum cleaner. Unlike other cordless vacuum cleaners on the market, the hose vacuum cleaner is equipped with a one-button foldable aluminum tube, so you don’t need to kneel or squat to clean the area of ​​the bed and furniture area clearly.

Compared with other ordinary vacuum cleaners, our wireless stick vacuum cleaner uses an LCD touch screen, which can easily adjust the suction power. You can clearly see the electric power consumption through the screen. In addition, the suction head can be matched with a rotating brush bar and LED lights to ensure that no dust particles will appear even in the dark surroundings.

The high-efficiency HEPA system produces high-speed, filtering fine particles and separating garbage from the garbage, avoiding secondary pollution, 99.98% of the tiny dust in the 0.11-micron box, providing you and your family with fresher air and cleaner environment. HEPA can be cleaned and replaced.

The S107 pet vacuum cleaner is equipped with a 250mAh lithium-ion battery, which has a long battery life and can clean an area of ​​135 square meters when fully charged. The battery is internal and replaceable, so you can purchase a spare battery to double the running time.

The Hosome S107 cordless vacuum cleaner is the latest flagship product released by TCHmart. It has officially landed on the official website of Meauro and TCHmart to enjoy super discounts.

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