Teen provides over 2,500 meals for the hungry from the comfort of her own room and passion for editing.

Feed Us With Words raised 325 dollars and well over 2,500 meals for the nonprofit Feeding America. The organization, Feed Us With Words, is lead by sixteen year old, Riley Lima. Feed Us With Words collects submissions from authors and poets around the globe and compiles them into an exclusive Literary Collection solely for those who donate 5 dollars or more to Feed Us With Words’ official Feeding America Team Feed Page. This incredible milestone is crucial to achieving a less hungry America and helps to counteract one of the many issues stemming from COVID-19.

“Thank you for doing this. I was planning to make another donation, and now I’ll have some great reading!” says Renee Cote, a subscriber to the Feed Us With Words Literary Collection“. Jaya Sudhakar, a contributing poet says, “This was such an amazing project, and I was very glad to join you in making a difference”.

This news comes in the wake of many recent initiatives and accomplishments of the company, including:

-2,500+ meals provided for the hungry.
-325$ raised for Feeding America.
-Published teen writers by establishing the Feed Us With Words Literary Collection.

N/A Feed Us With Words is a global organization with contributors from multiple countries.

Besides raising money, providing meals, and publishing teen literature, Feed Us With Words also helps authors share their tips to their community of young authors and poets. One of their highlighted authors is Mel Torrefranca.