The Biggest Fashion Trends Everything You Need To Know Right Now

The fashion world is quite quiet right now but this does not mean that designers did not work. There are some pretty interesting stylish and bold designs you may want to learn more about. Fashion Week is stronger than ever and we see some clear influences coming from decades-long passed.

The oversized boyfriend blazer that was very popular during the eighties is back and allows you to create a beautiful long-line silhouette. Use shoulder pads for the outwear to cinch to the waist and elongate legs.
Complete the look with leather shorts or straight-leg trousers and you achieve a truly ultra-modern style. The best colors to consider are neutrals, charcoals, and powder blue, all with a beautiful effortlessly chic aesthetic.

Black Face Masks

Since we live in new, modern times, all faced with unprecedented conditions due to the current pandemic, we need to wear face masks. So, why not do it in style? Use sleek black masks since they work with almost all outfits, all while offering the coverage your mouth and nose need.
Choose silky fabrics and items with embellishments to be fancier. This gives you access to practically endless styling opportunities.

Head Scarfs

This is a fashion trend that was huge during the fifties and sixties. It now makes a comeback as a finishing touch that does not overdo it. Choose silky designs with intricate patterns or floral motifs. Alternatively, keep things really simple with block letters and very bold colors.

The accessory can be styled with ease. For instance, you can just wrap it with a simple loose knot under the fabric.

Sorbet Pastel Tones

This is another quite popular trend that has been dominating the year. The colors are very good for a summer outfit and match several skin tones. As an example, you can wear a boiler suit that is cool mint green. Another thing you could do is to wear a soft lavender oversized trench coat. The overall aesthetic is elevated with buttery and soft hues, all while you will be chic.

Yellow Bags

We can see many yellow bags on the streets and over the runways these days. You can so easily replicate the trend since it is completely timeless. A small clutch could spice up every single outfit and you can find mustard totes for all daily needs.

Choose one of the several shades that are available, all so you could find something that suits your taste. These look quite incredible when you pair them with monochromatic ensembles or vibrant hues.

White Knee-High Boots

Another trend from the past, from the sixties, a true classic footwear option. The look is quite chic and will elevate any outfit. You can wear the boots with a rollneck, skirt, patterned mini dress, or funky leggings. Also, you can go for slouch style to remain tight and sleek. Obviously, the sky is the limit and you can choose anything else you might want, as long as you have those beautiful boots.