Conor McGregor Excites Fans With Suggested Fight [LOOK]

It’s been known for years that UFC superstar Conor McGregor wants to break into the fight promotion business with his company, McGregor Sports and Entertainment.

Well, “Notorious” took to Twitter on Sunday to suggest a possible bout that his promotion could put on. The fight would be between The Ultimate Fighter season one middleweight winner Diego Sanchez and his former coach and mentor, Joshua Fabia.

Fabia and Sanchez’s relationship has been a major talking point in the MMA community since Sanchez was pulled from his retirement fight against Donald Cerrone earlier in May. “Nightmare” was also released by the UFC.

The MMA community has taken issue with Fabia and the way he coached and guided Sanchez. The list of controversies includes a leaked video of Sanchez hanging from the ceiling, closing his eyes while Fabia hits him. Watch below:

Countless fighters and MMA figures reached out to Sanchez, personally and over social media, to express their worry about Fabia. One person who tweeted about Nightmare is McGregor. After footage of Fabia’s training session with Sanchez was shared on social media, McGregor tweeted: “This is just madness. I’ll break this things nose in half. This not the move Diego, my bro. I been with ye the whole way, and still am. But this is not on. It was unfair treatment by commentary and fans on your last performances imo, for sure. But not on this guy, 0-0. Ditch.”

Last week, Sanchez announced that he had split professionally from Fabia.

And McGregor now has a suggestion, likely in jest:

“Sanchez vs Fabia,” the Irishman tweeted on Sunday. “McGregor Sports and Entertainment.”

McGregor Garnered a Big Response on Twitter for the Tweet

Several Twitter users commented on McGregor’s tweet, supporting the proposed matchup.

A UFC stats page shared a mock fight poster of Sanchez vs. Fabia, writing, “Can’t wait.”

One fan wrote, “The only fight we need.” And another tweeted, “The amount of money I’d spend for this fight.”

Even UFC color commentator Jon Anik shared his excitement, writing: “Ha. Take my money.”

McGregor Found Fabia’s Training Exercise With Sanchez “Preposterous”

In a now-deleted tweet, McGregor gave more of his thoughts on Fabia’s training video with Sanchez. Although “Notorious” is a proponent of “body hardening work,” he believes Fabia’s approach is “preposterous.”

“I’m actually on the side of body hardening work also,” McGregor tweeted. “Working the body etc. But doing it hanging upside down, and getting the dome of the head struck repeatedly, while covering vision, is preposterous! Grab this guy by the ears and head butt him at his front door first thing.”

With Sanchez’s departure from the UFC, it’s unclear if he will fight again. He has a professional MMA record of 30-13, fighting in the promotion from 2005 to 2021.


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