Quick! Amazon’s got this blazing-fast, shape-shifting Acer Chromebook on sale for nearly half off!

Working from home has been… an experience, to say the least. It’s also put a beating and a half on your go-to computer. So, how ’bout an upgrade? How ’bout an incredible deal? How ’bout this one from Amazon on a compact, top-rated laptop?

Right now, the Acer Chromebook Spin 311 convertible laptop is on sale for just $265 — that’s nearly half off this super-popular laptop. In fact, it’s so popular that it has earned a five-star rating from more than 5,000 reviewers.

And if you have Amazon Prime, you’ll get free shipping, of course. Not yet a member? Relax; you can sign up for a free 30-day trial here. (And by the way, those without Prime still get free shipping on orders of $25 or more.)
It’s a laplet! It’s a tabtop!

Confession: We lied: The sleek, incredibly thin Acer Chromebook Spin 311 is actually more than just a laptop. It has a brilliant 11.6-inch HD touchscreen display (at 1366×768 resolution) and flexible 360-degree hinge (hence the name ‘Spin’), so it can rotate to any angle for use as a tablet.

“The screen quality is excellent for this price point,” raved a delighted five-star reviewer. “I love that you can use this as a tablet, a laptop, or even prop it up for viewing. Perfectly versatile…We liked it so much that we ordered a second one.”

A gaggle of Google goodness

This Acer Chromebook Spin 311 is a true workhorse, with a Dual-Core Intel Celeron N4020, 4GB of memory and 32GB of on-board storage. It even features single USB-C and single USB-A ports and a stalwart 10-hour battery life.

Chromebook runs the latest version of ChromeOS, so you know you’ll get speedy results. And unlike Windows 10 or macOS laptops, with long loading times and complicated app downloads, you just log in to your Gmail account via Google Chrome and you’re good to go. In fact, this Chromebook can access and download ChromeOS, Linux and Android apps for more versatility.

“…This is an excellent laptop for the price and I’ve enjoyed using it,” shared a satisfied Amazon shopper. “ChromeOS has made a lot of improvements and I’m using not only chrome, but Android apps and Linux applications. Good power, good battery, USB-C ports and power, micro-SD port, great touch screen…”

The Acer Chromebook Spin 311 hybrid is ideal for anyone who wants the power and usability of ChromeOS at an affordable price. If you need a simple, yet reliable and easy-to-use laptop-tablet combo, this is the one!

“I wasn’t fully sure what to expect, I’ve never had a Chromebook but really needed something that I could take with me on the go to work on my shop updates, work stuff and school when that starts up,” added another five-star reviewer. “It’s taking some getting used to, but I’m loving it so far! Battery life is as expected, I left it on overnight and I still had a full battery the next morning. Touchscreen is responsive…”

At $265 (was $499), the Acer Chromebook Spin 311 is a steal and a fantastic working-from-home upgrade!

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