QuietBuds Reviews:

Quiet Buds are a set of noise-canceling accessories that come in multiple sizes to protect against different noise sources. By protecting the ears from damage, users can hear better for years longer than this exposure would ordinarily allow.

What are Quiet Buds?

One of the biggest causes of damage in the ears is exposure to loud noises. While consumers are exposed to noise every day, prolonged loud noise is harmful to the eardrum. At a concert, the audience is exposed to at least 115 decibels for hours, and it only takes a single minute for this volume to create a substantial amount of damage. Rather than putting the ears at risk for permanent damage, Quiet Buds can help eliminate outside noise.

The sound-muting cores of Quiet Buds work in three different situations, depending on the type of protection needed. The available cores include:

Commute cores, which eliminate the sounds made by trains, cars, and airplanes while traveling.
Concert cores, which are used at live events and other loud venues to eliminate
Ocean quiet cores, which eliminate nature’s noises that can sometimes be disruptive to sleep

By gaining greater control over the noises, consumers can protect their ears from damage that they eventually cannot undo. Users can choose which core (and size) applies to their needs, creating a quietness that is peaceful and relaxing. The assorted sizes create a soft cushion that easily meets the user’s needs, easing into sleep at a rapid pace.

Though other companies have worked to develop similar aids, none of them have all of the benefits that Quiet Buds offer. The swappable cores are enough to give them an advantage, but they also offer a carrying case and are made with aircraft-quality aluminum for long-term use.

Quiet Buds Pricing

For one pair of Quiet Buds (which includes the carrying case), the total cost is $49.99 plus the cost of shipping and handling. However, there are a few other options as well:

Two pairs for $45.99 each
Three pairs for $41.66 each

These earbuds come with a 30-day return policy that starts on the day that this product was purchased.

Bottom Line

Quiet Buds are a helpful accessory to anyone that is frequently exposed to noises beyond what their ears may be comfortable with receiving. They are easy to insert in the ear, and they come in various sizes to make sure that anyone can wear them. While the cores are currently limited to the three options on the website, the company is currently looking to expand the options, so consumers should keep an eye out for the next launch.