The report reveals that the former Spaceport America director is guilty of violating the state regulations

New Mexico’s Spaceport America impeached its director after discovering that he went against the stipulated regulations while unveiling a commercial launch facility that should have initiated operations. New Mexico’s State Auditor submitted a report last month indicating the incidences of procedural violations of the laws and policies stipulated in the company by Dan Hicks, the company’s former executive head. Dan Hicks failed to observe the articulated the regulations that have been leading the operations of the Virgin Galactic space company. The state auditor reiterated that the principles violated resulted in wastes and embezzlement of the allocated funds set for this project. The company forced Hicks into leave when Zach DeGregorio, Spaceport’s head of finances and administration, submitting a report detailing the procedural irregularities that Hicks was performing. Later on, DeGregorio quitted the company to avoid paying the price for the executive’s misappropriations.

The New Mexico Spaceport Authority determined that it was appropriate to fire Hicks to allow the reviewers to investigate the allegations leveled against him. The state officials invoked the McHard Group to analyze the truth of the allegations. The company submitted a report indicating that Hicks and DeGregorio went against the company’s regulations and policies. For instance, the executives involved themselves in improper contracts that were legally binding to Spaceport America in addition to documenting falsified travel vouchers. The report narrates how Hicks stated that he was making trips to the National Space Council pretending to be a group member. Additionally, the executive gave contracts and was biased in issuing contracts to companies they dealt with without consulting the Spaceport board as needed. The company experienced an unwarranted cash flow that they had not budgeted for in the fiscal statements.

The closing remarks of the report stated that Dan Hicks violated the principles and policies of the company and the State of New Mexico Governmental Compliance Act according to the state’s Code of Conduct when he was directing Spaceport. The report claims with unparalleled evidence that the former director was seeking control of the company’s budget using force and contrary to what the state law expects. These actions displeased the head of Virgin Galactic, whose infuriated nature made him report Hicks to the governor’s office for his inefficient leadership skills. Although DeGregorio led to the procession of the investigation, he was also found on the wrong side of the law since he facilitated the operations of Hicks