Solvvy Sees Rapid Adoption Of Next-Gen Chatbot And Automation Solution, Powers Millions Of AI Conversations Each Month For Leading Global Companies

Solvvy, the next-gen chatbot and automation solution for customer support, saw triple-digit growth in the number of instant customer resolutions it delivered throughout 2020 – a 116% increase – further cementing its leadership in offering the best conversational chat experience in the market.

“The growing use of online services driven by the COVID-19 pandemic has forever changed the way consumers engage with businesses,” said Mahesh Ram, CEO of Solvvy. “Automation with intelligent personalization is the only way businesses can cost-effectively manage increasing volumes and scale their support operations. As a result, we’re seeing skyrocketing demand for Solvvy’s next-gen chatbot solution. We have proven AI and Natural Language Understanding technology at our core which allows for quick implementation and immediately demonstrable results.”

Customers are utilizing online channels like chat and social media to engage with businesses more than ever before and Solvvy has been meeting the challenge to help businesses scale their customer experience operations. Solvvy’s chatbot platform is unique in its ability to deliver market-leading results with the lowest cost of ownership. The solution auto-crawls existing content while also allowing any subject matter expert to author sophisticated custom workflows without any coding needed. Solvvy also learns from historical ticket data to quickly adapt to the specific needs of each client’s user base.

“The real value of automation is measured in how quickly and effectively users can resolve questions without agent involvement,” said David Cane, Vice President of Customer Success and Trust and Safety at Wag!, the growing pet marketplace that currently supports 150,000+ pet caregivers. “Solvvy puts solutions right into the hands of our Pet Parents so they can get the answers they want and communicate with pet caregivers without our team having to be the middle-man.”

Solvvy is now handling millions of conversations and questions every month from customers of top international brands – such as Calm, HelloFresh, and Under Armour – and in industries including eCommerce, retail, fintech and payments, consumer electronics, consumer services and subscriptions, B2B software and consumer healthcare.

Solvvy partners with CX and CS leaders that have a common desire – to deliver a truly superlative experience for their customers while dramatically improving operational efficiency. Solvvy’s immediate, accurate, and personalized resolutions to complex issues help these leaders deliver huge gains, including improved profitability, greater team efficiency, and higher levels of customer satisfaction.

“Solvvy clients average an industry-leading 41% self-service rate after just seven days,” said Ram. “They often spend only a few minutes per week managing Solvvy and get enormous benefits: happier users, better resolution times, and positive ROI – all in the time it takes other chatbots to even launch.”